Man Rescues Baby Squirrel, When Mommy Comes, She Finds Out Her Baby is Safe


Little squirrels are often lost and when it happens it usually ends badly for them. Encounter with cats and dogs on the streets become fatal for them.
When man from the video below had breakfast, he saw a little baby squirrel there. There was no mother beside and he was afraid that some animal will find it. So he went down, picked up the baby and started caring for him. He fed him from the syringe and the baby started feeling relaxed with a stranger. They liked each other much. They were on the terrace when mother squirrel appeared. Mommy wanted to know if her baby was safe. She checked it up repeatedly and then grabbed the baby by the scruff to take it away. They ran home! It was magnificent experience for this man. Watch the whole video to see how it happened: