Man Rescued A Small Newborn Animal Near A Sidewalk, And Nursed It Back To Health


The guy saved the squirrel, and now he lives at home and behaves like a puppy. Daniel Beckwith, an employee at the car service, picked up a squirrel last November. The guy thought that the animal fell out of the nest and lost its mother.

Since then, a squirrel named Cyril the Squirrel, lives with Daniel at his home in London. Pet does not depart from the host and often plays with him like a puppy. Daniel fondly recalls the time when you first saw your pet. At first he really thought it was a rat, but then I realized, that sees a tiny squirrel.

It was about the size of my palm. In the end, I put him on a tree, but he started to cry and call me. When the squirrel saw that I was coming to him, he stopped screaming and climbed into the box, which I framed him.