He Was Just Filming His Guinea Pigs When They Suddenly Started Doing THIS…I’m CRYING!


Hamsters living in the wild, are aggressive. But in captivity, they are perfectly tamed, quite quickly start to respond to the nickname and in many cases be smart.

Despite the fact that the animals live only about 4 years (one year of life hamsters equates to 25 years of life), they give birth to many. And all because of this little love story is hard to deny. Hamsters are considered to be short-sighted and at a distance of one meter can distinguish the shape of bodies or objects.

With flowers of the same problem: there are mostly green and yellow — it helps them to find food. Front paws of hamsters are adapted for retention of food — have four toes and the rudiment of a fifth. On their hind legs — five toes, so they are very sharp.