Bun Bun, Destroyer of Leaves


Who does not like orange and yellow leaves that crumble under your feet? It is so nice to walk in the park at this season! We all love fall for rustling, colored leaves which is such joy for kids. Some animals also discovered the perks of fall including this funny bunny.
You won’t believe but her owners have not figured out how to play with this fur baby until fallen leaves appeared. They discovered it by chance. The dad just removed the fallen leaves when suddenly realized that their rescue bunny jumps when sees the leaves falling. He tried it again and noticed that she is loving it.
The name of this girl is Bun Bun and, as it turned out, she loves fall. Bun Bun also loves to run, play and graze on yummy clover. This fur baby is adorable! She was abandoned on country road and rescued by this loving family. I love the way she reacts to fallen leaves!