Adorable Rescue Beaver Builds Dams In His House


Like his famous namesake (well, sort of his namesake) Justin Beaver is making a name for himself at the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Louisville Kentucky. He’s the most popular critter there, notes. And he’s doing a fantabulous job building a beaver dam in the home of his caretaker, Brigitte Brouillard. However, to do this, JB, as he’s usually called, needs all the right ingredients.

Cute beaver gets busy

First, he needed a bathroom rug. Then plenty of shirts and towels. Oh, and a pillow too. Because after all, what’s a beaver dam without a pillow?

He also borrowed various plastic implements and a LaCrosse stick owned by Brouillard’s daughter, because, well, it is a stick after all, and that’s what beavers do. Drag sticks around by instinct, she noted. He’s been known to keep people on their toes and wound up in her care after he wore out his previous rehabber. It seems that Justin Beaver, just like Justin Bieber, is high maintenance.

But adorable, however…

Brouillard, the center’s director, and environmental educator said it takes a fair amount of time and money to care for JB, and right now the center is busily raising money to build an outdoor enclosure with a pond.

Under normal circumstances, JB would be cared for by the center until he was old enough to fend for himself in the wild, but because he was orphaned so young, he’s going to be a permanent resident at the center.

“Our goal is to normally release animals back into the wild once they are old enough, healthy enough, and understand their survival skills,” Brouillard said. “Beavers stay with their natural families for at least two years. Since beaver families are so close-knit and bond very tightly, we simply can not just release one beaver.”

Like his namesake, Justin Beaver is also popular

He loves to greet people, goes on tours and has numerous fans.

“He goes to schools, parks, Scouts, and libraries to teach people about the importance of wildlife and living humanely with them,” she said, noting this was JB’s “important job.”

And he’s growing up.

“JB came to me just shy of eight pounds. He is currently 20 and I expect him to get to 50 or 60,” Brouillard said.

Until his new home is complete, JB’s having a blast enjoying his trips outside and having a great time inside, “chewing drywall, baseboards, framing, and doors.”

How wonderful that this kind woman allows him to do what comes naturally. Even if he is eating her house a little at a time.

You can watch JB’s cute shenanigans in the video below.