Woman saved a dying deer’s life


A deer named dilly is considered a full member in the family of Bathers from the us state of Ohio. Five years ago, the animal, which was a few days old, found near the town of Canal-Fulton and brought to a veterinary clinic.

The deer found serious problems with vision. Doctor Melanie bather took the animal home, cured, and then left to live with him. According to Melanie, the deer completely “domesticated”, although behaves independently. She prefers not to wait for help, so I learned how to turn on and off light nose, ascend and descend steps to go to the toilet.

In addition, dilly loves comfort: she prefers to sleep not on the floor, but on the bed. Venison feeds mainly on vegetable food, preferring salads and flowers. However, dilly can be called sweet tooth: sometimes she does not refuse ice cream.