White lion and white tiger had babies together


A liger is born from tiger and lion. The largest hybrid of the cat family, a liger can reach 3.5 meters in length. Appearance of Ligers varies depending on interaction of genes. At Liger is dominated by pale stripes, and a mane develops later than the lions. The shape of the body of Liger often resemble a tiger, but the head is a lion. The sounds they produce Ligers, and at the same time reminiscent of the growl of lions, and a sharp low-frequency “buzz” of the tigers. Legacy sometimes miss the solitude, as if paying tribute to the genetic memories of pride, and sometimes prefer to live separately, like a tiger.

Ligers have no scientific name, but the history of their appearance is recorded in the natural science Museum of Dublin. Researchers believe that as the result of crossing is a “return” to the proportions of the cave lion. Empirically, it was found that male Ligers are infertile, but legacy capable of bringing offspring from lions and tigers. Ligers are now very popular in all the zoos in the world, but legacy often attack people.

Baby tiger and a lioness is called a Tigon (tigron, tiglon, USA). More like lions than tigers. Even Charles Darwin wrote about Tigon. In Hagenbeck zoo in the 19th century carried out the crossbreeding of tigers and lionesses (as well as bears, wolves and hyenas, but viable offspring do not got). In 1985 in India officially banned the crossing of lions and tigers.