When Her Baby Was Scared, Frozen In The Road, Mom Did Something Nobody Saw Coming


A heart melting moment of nature and nurture were captured on video when a driver came upon a mother deer and her baby in the road and stopped. The startled doe started to run off, but her baby was frightened and dropped to the ground. The Washington state driver, Jessie Larson, was able to snag footage of the sweet moment when the mom returned to her little one.

What happened next will definitely move you to tears, as the mother deer bends down to check on her scared fawn lying in the road, sniffing her, then looks up to make sure the area is safe. She then nudges the little one and nuzzles the fawn as she starts to stand up, a bit uncertain, but is encouraged by her mother.

The baby wobbles to her feet and starts to slowly walk, still a bit shaken by the incident, with mom leading the way. Feeling safe again, she follows after her mother as the driver waits for them to make a safe exit from the road and back into the woods.

Jessie posted the video on Facebook where it got plenty of love and shares. She explained that she turned off her car and lights so that the deer wouldn’t be startled again as the mom assisted her fawn. She also noted: “And yes… I talk to the deer like they can hear me. I stopped filming so I could start my car and guide them off the road. All are safe and sound.”

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