Visitors witness a miracle: black rhino gives birth in the UK


Any birth is special… However, a baby that recently came to the world is a true miracle. In fact, the calf can help save his species from extinction. Malindi, a rhino, gave birth to a healthy male at the Chester Zoo, to the delight of the tourists who could watch.

After a 15-month pregnancy, Malindi gave birth in front of some lucky visitors. Normally, rhinos give birth at night, but this baby could not wait to come into the world! Tourists have witnessed one of the rarest births in nature. The delivery lasted about half an hour, and 15 minutes after birth, the healthy baby was already on his feet.

“With just 650 Eastern black rhino left in the wild, seeing the birth of a new calf and it’s very first steps is a very rare and special event indeed,” said Tim Rowlands, a mammal curator at the Chester Zoo.

The rhinos are critically endangered. So, the birth of healthy baby is a wonderful addition to the species. Maybe there’s hope and rhinoceros numbers will rise again!

The tiny rhino is feeding regularly and connected instantly with his mother. Malindi has given birth in the past, so the baby will have a brother to care for him. The Chester Zoo presents the birth of 11 black rhinos in the last 20 years, an incredible achievement.

We can not allow this subspecies to be extinguished, as this is a fate that has already affected some of its “cousins”.

Visitors witness a miracle
Check out the adorable baby rhinoceros getting familiar with the world: