Two Men Spot A Wild Cougar Stuck In A Trap. Their Next Move Sent Shivers Down My Spine!


Two men risked their lives to save an animal from a trap endangered species! What would you do, seeing in the forest a dangerous predator, caught in a trap? This question was faced by two men, who went for a walk in the woods.

They found a cougar caught in this terrible trap. They really wanted to help the poor animal. But how to do it so not to hurt yourself? It is unknown how the salvation will react to this huge predator. Hunting of cougar was prohibited in Canada in the early 90-ies, as their number in nature is rapidly decreased.

And in 2000 years cougar has become so little that they brought in an endangered species. Using two large sticks, they managed to fix the animal’s head. Now it was his hands to open the trap!