Trying To Save Her Kittens, Mountain Lion Chases Bobcat Up 45′ Saguaro Cactus


Scaredy bobcat was spotted on top of saguaro cactus in Gold Canyon, Arizona. The person who saw the bobcat climbing there told that mountain lion chased the cat up on top of the plant that was 45 feet high. How did it get there? This is the first question asked by all those who see these photos. The bobcat was supposedly very frightened if it managed to overcome all this distance to get to the top. Prickly plant with 2-inch spikes saved its life and the cat did not get eaten. The specialists say that the plant is about 300 years old.
They also think that the mountain lion protected her cubs that were nearby. The bobcat had to spend 6 hours on the cactus and then went down unharmed. This is incredible!