Trapped In A Box For 17 Years, This Animal Was Finally Rescued


How shocking this was for many..

For at least 17 years until her rescue, one innocent animal lived inside a tiny box, with no chance to be properly cared for, any sanitation or opportunities for socialisation with others of her kind. She had spent her entire life in isolation against her will as a source for bile extractions. She is a bile farm bear, who typically remain in cramped cages their whole lives until their death.

The practice of extracting bile from bears was condemned and ruled as an illegal and inhumane practice in Vietnam since 1992, but many farms still operate unchecked. Captured or raised in captivity, most of these innocent bears die in the end due to poor health, starvation or malnutrition. But this particular bear’s fate was not going to become a tragic one. Thanks to a dispatched rescue team by Animals Asia, staff had quickly cut the chains which was wrapped around her cage. As they tended to the weak bear, they needed to act fast.

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