Tiny Unwanted Cow Gets Laughed At During Auction


Susie Coston admits: Sometimes it is enough just to see somebody once and you understand that you are destined to rescue this animal. Especially, when the creature is offended. Tiny cow you will see in this video was rejected by humans and was called “trash” just because it was different. Humans did not offer bids for this little cow and mocked it so Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director decided to help the little one.
The calf named Blitzen was small in stature and its weight was insuffcient. Almong with him, 2 other malnourished calves were saved, named Lawrence and Alexander. They weer so weak that it was hard to stand for them. After therapy course animals looked healthy again with exception of one cow that passed from complications. But though he died he had 5 years of absolute happiness.