Tigers Reaction After Tooth Got Pulled


Do tigers have dental problems? They certainly do, but how they solve them? These majestic animals have pretty big teeth and sometimes they also have toothache. And what happens then? They are unable to eat their food and this can make them rather angry! Also being without teeth can be a death sentence for them in the wild. But this kitty lives with his buddy in human’s household and he cares about him. This tiger also got toothache so he can’t eat without pain.
Where to find the dentist who can help the big cats to have a beautiful smile? No dentist will agree to treat such fearsome patients. The oral health of these feline predators is very important. It helps to preserve healthy stomach, heart and liver. So what will his owner do? He pulls the tiger tooth out! I do not know whether the dentist refused to treat such patient or the owner decided to do on his own, but big kitty is a very good boy! Though he bites the hand of his owner, but he does it playfully.