This Man Has Interaction With Wild Kitty


Host of the popular American show about animals Brave Wildness of a Coyote Peterson during shooting transfer attacked the young and aggressive ocelot. Video published on the official channel in Youtube. The story was filmed in the forest of the night, when ocelots are particularly aggressive and will hunt in the dark.

The predator responded to the wrong move leading and jumped to his back from behind. Fortunately, Peterson had a hat, which it defended until a wild cat scratched his skin and bit behind her ears. In the end the man was able to cope with the animal calmed him and the shooting was able to continue. In General, ocelots are considered to be one of the most beautiful felines.

They live in America, mostly in tropical forests, avoiding open spaces and reach up to 16 kg weight and up to 50 centimeters tall. Externally, the ocelot is very similar to long-tailed cat or a leopard cub, he is very thin and husky. The hunt for the ocelot, and the sale of any products from its coat, is strictly prohibited.