This Little Mini Horse LOVES Showing Off On Camera. What He Does Next Is Priceless! Aww!


The horse, named Charlie, was listed in the Guinness book of records as the smallest species. Measuring the height of the animal, world-scale judges were surprised, because it is only 50 centimeters.

As soon as the record holder with his mistress moved from the United States to Britain, she immediately began to attract a lot of attention to his person. Thousands of curious children and adults lined up to feed such small animal. The owners of the horse, by the name of Cantrell and Rachel Wagner decided to devote her book. This book will be published in the day when Charlie was born.

If you take the average weight of mini-horses, it is about 8-8.5 kilograms. Encouraged by the fact that, for all your miniature horse, not a dwarf, and the little pony. The mother of Einstein? s finesse has a quite high growth of 80 centimetres. And the father, by the name Painted feather growth is somewhat smaller – 76 cm.