This cute baby fox cub was yet another case of a wild animal trapped in a net


This poor Fox is so deeply entangled in soccer nets, ropes entwined around his neck and he almost did not strangle myself. Luckily, Simon from Wildlife Aid had helped him. Fox-one of the most popular heroines of children’s fairy tales.

But the Fox as a fairy-tale image is endowed with features peculiar to these animals in reality. The Fox is beautiful: lush tail, constituting a little less than half of body length, red coat and roguish needle-nosed muzzle with beautiful brown eyes. Besides Fox slender, graceful, weighs 6-10 pounds.

Fox called red, and it’s actually so only her belly white, gray, or slightly brownish, and the breast bright. The back and sides of the Fox in different parts are painted in different ways: from bright red to gray.