This Baby Elephant Sliding Down A Hill On Her Belly Is Going To Make Your Day


A small elephant from Yunnan province (southern China) descends in the jungle on a hillside. In the video you can see how the baby lies on the stomach to move down. Elephant sports fun and sincerely happy. It resembles a child playing on an icy hill in the summer. Elephants are unique in their anatomy and physiology animals. They’re so much different from all other mammals that are considered independent Trunk squad, which includes only 2 species.

In the fossil state it is known a lot more species of extinct Trunk, of which the most famous is mammoth. Currently, only African and Indian elephants have survived. The elephants trunk is very massive, the head is relatively large, powerful feet and thick in proportion. Considerable size and reach the ears, but the eyes, on the contrary, very small. Range of view the elephant is not very good, but hearing is excellent. The elephant is able to hear thunderstorms at a distance of up to 100 km! This rumor is due to the fact that elephants are able to hear (and publish themselves) infrasound. These sounds elephants use to communicate at a distance, because low frequency waves travel long distances.

The elephants ears are very mobile animals and constantly waving them. On the one hand a large surface of the ears, through which is pumped the blood, promotes the cooling of the body (this is particularly evident at the African elephant); on the other hand, ears perform a communicative function. Movements of the ears of elephants greeted the countrymen and threaten the enemies.