This 6-Pound Alpaca Has An Amazing Survival Story


When you think of a doting pet parent, you usually think of someone with a well-fed fur baby curled up on a bed that appears to be more comfortable than what most humans sleep on. Most of the time, the animals that receive this royal treatment are canines or felines.

However, a teeny tiny six-pound alpaca, Cody, stole the heart of Amber Isaac at first sight.

Cody’s birth

On August 6tth, 2014, Amber noticed one of her pregnant alpacas showing signs of early labor. She became very alarmed because the mother to be had a due date that was still a month away.

Paying close attention, Amber noticed a small nose and little feet coming from the mother. She was confused because the pushing had stopped and the baby seemed stuck where it was.

Amber figured the baby was so small that the mother was not uncomfortable enough to keep pushing, so she sprang into action. In one swift tug, Amber was able to retrieve the miniature animal that was smaller than a human infant, which is significantly small for an alpaca.

An average alpaca is 15-20 pounds at birth. The new addition to Amber’s group was only six pounds. It saddened her to think the adorable little mammal wouldn’t survive for more than a few hours.

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