They Set Up Cameras Around The Forest. What They Caught Grizzly Bears Doing Next? ROFL!


It is known that the bears put on the tree tags – scratching the bark with claws or teeth, rubbing back against the trunks, leaving them on pieces of wool. There are several interpretations of the reasons for this behavior animals.

Some scientists believe that scratching the trunks of trees helps animals get rid of mites and fleas, there is a version that wiping his skin resin from the tree, the bear thereby escapes mosquitoes and Gnus.

Other researchers believe that the bears grind off claws regrown after a long winter sleep, in addition it is believed that the animals gnaw the bark in order to collect tree SAP and edible lube. However, the most common answer to this question is a theory according to which the animal thus marks its site, where it feels the owner.