They Had Unexpected Pool Party Guests – Bears To Be Exact


So, we’ve all thrown a party once or twice in our life. We’ve definitely seen our friends approaching, sometimes with unexpected guests in tow. One or two unexpected visitors is reasonable. But what if SIX extra guests showed up, and they weren’t even humans?

Unexpected guests
That’s what happened to the Basso family. They live in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Like many families, they have an above-ground swimming pool treated with chlorine and a filtration system. They can be a lot of work to maintain but offer great benefits, one of which is keeping everyone cool on a hot summer day.

Only today, the parents and kids weren’t going to stay cool. Nope, it was a family of bears!

A mama bear and her five young cubs approached the pool. One little bear even opted to go over to the family’s swing set and have some fun over there!

Bear pool party
The baby bears, looking as adorable as teddy bears you might find in a nursery, held their paws over the side of the pool. Curiously, they reached in, testing the temperature on that hot day.

Eventually, one of the brave young cubs mimicked a human child as he crawled over the side of the pool. He got inside the pool and stood around. One of his siblings got hold of a pool floatie!

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