These Adorable Monkeys Save A Drowning Leopard


In a story that truly illustrates how the truth is stranger than fiction, you are not going to believe your eyes.

The setting? India. A country known for its hot temperatures and spicy cuisine, and ultra-adorable and helpful macaques (a type of monkey). As the video starts, we see a group of these peppy primates playing in the dusty outdoors. The video is presumably shot from a rooftop, as we have a good view of the animals.

The discovery
But suddenly, something isn’t right! The macaques rush to a well, peering their heads over the edge. Two of them look down into the well, and when one looks up, he seems quite worried:

Thankfully, these monkeys’ actions have attracted the attention of some local men, who were probably doing some work in the surrounding area. One man yells to the others, likely alerting them that there is something that is not quite right in the well.

He is correct – and you won’t believe what they saw next.

Here, you can see the head of a beautiful but drowning leopard stuck in the dirty water of the well (although you may have to squint a little to see their spots). This is definitely no place for a cat of this power and grace! As you can tell by the video and camera footage, it is dark and cramped for space down there. There is no telling just how deep that well is. A rescue team is called in to help the trapped cat.

The rescue
In an act of bravery and courage, the rescuers help the leopard out, despite leopards being known to attack. You never want to look a leopard directly into the eyes as this is viewed as a challenge. That might be a little tricky while trying to save one!

The rescuers, a team of men, drop a rather crude wooden ladder into the well to help the leopard out. There is shouting and talking among the men as they decide how to help this big cat.

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