The Story Behind That Viral ‘Giant’ Cow Is Actually Really Sad


“I’m sure Knickers is happy to be with other cows, but the sad part is those animals will just keep being sent away [to slaughter],” Coston said. “I can’t even put into words how heartbreaking that must be for him. These are herd animals; their herd is their family. ”

Cows are herd animals and they often have a strong bond with other members of the herd. When they lose one of those members, they tend to feel it deeply and that is probably the same for Knickers, who experiences it over and over again every year.

“The thought of losing your herd is so significant,” Coston said. “The whole situation is heartbreaking to me because he’s always going to be looking for his family.”

Knickers is going to live out his life on the farm but Coston hopes his story educates people about how emotional and loving cows can be. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small, they love every member of the herd.

“I think when things like this go viral, it’s a good opportunity to explain to people how cows really behave,” Coston said. “There’s no doubt that Knickers’ herd loves him to death.”