The Story Behind That Viral ‘Giant’ Cow Is Actually Really Sad


You can’t deny that this cow stands head and shoulders above the rest. At 6’4″ tall, Knickers the Holstein has gained viral, Internet fame when his story hit the Internet.

According to Susie Coston, national shelter director of Farm Sanctuary, his story is actually rather heartbreaking.

Knickers is not really a giant. The problem is, most people don’t see a full-grown Holstein as an adult because they are typically slaughtered when they reached their second birthday.

“People freak out when they see our adult Holsteins in person,” Coston said. “They’ve never been around cows so big. They are outstanding animals.”

When a Holstein becomes an adult, such as Knickers, who was seven years old, they are too large to fit in the butchering equipment. That is why Geoff Pearson, the owner of Knickers has spared him.

According to Pearson, Knickers looks after the herd and shows them where they should graze and walk. He also protects them from harm.

According to Coston, Holsteins are very gentle and sweet. As a result, they often lead the herd but Knickers role will probably take a devastating toll.

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