The 2-day old goats can dance


Household goats belong to one of the most ancient household animals. They were domesticated about 9,000 years ago-later dogs, but before cats, horses, donkeys and sheep. Interestingly, domestic goats have a polygenic origin, that is, they come from several wild species of mountain goats.

The greatest influence on the formation of domestic goats have had a bearded or bezoar goat inhabiting the mountains of the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Central Asia, but in the creation of individual species could use a horned and Alpine goats. However, people brought domestic goats and on other continents, and now these animals can be meet literally in each country.

The highest population is concentrated in African countries and arid regions of Asia, where other species of cattle lose goats in the competition. And the most valuable breeding stock is concentrated in Switzerland, Germany, France.