Such cute hedgehogs will make you melt


Hedgehogs are born naked, blind, with bright pink skin, their body weight is only 12 grams. A few hours after the birth of the ezhat appear white and dark soft needles. Completely needle cover is formed to 15 days of life. It just so happened that any small animal on the planet has its own deadly enemies – not avoid it, Jerzy.

How hedgehogs are protected from sharp Fox teeth and long claws of the eagle owl. Of course, with his barbed armor – this amazing invention of nature. After all, hedgehog needles are modified hair, located only on the back, and the muzzle and abdomen are covered with wool. The prickly shell is very mobile.

At the request of its owner, he is able to move in the eye, protecting the muzzle of a hedgehog from enemies, or shifting to the side, to cover unprotected needles and vulnerable to the enemy side. And curled up in a spiky ball, hedgehog becomes almost inaccessible to most of his enemies.