Sick Calf Was Going To Be Euthanized


Here live very sunny animals. And the name of the farm is very cute. Welcome to the Sugarshine farm. For now meet a baby deer and mini-piggy. Mini-Piggy is a small ornamental pigs bred for the first time in 1950-ies in the vastness of the USA and Germany.

The progenitors of miniature pigs are small wild boars and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, which are small in nature. The latter is very popular especially in the United States. They are black in color, height at withers is about 40 cm and a weight of about 70 kg. Today, there are no strict standards for Mini-Piggy. And on rocks they are divided rather conditionally.

The weight of the dwarf pigs can range from 9 to 100 kg. Color also is not limited to the standards allowed almost anyone: black, gray, pink, white, silver, light red, striped and spotted. Interestingly, when growing up birth-retain color only black pigs. Mini-Piggy other colors tend over time to darken.