She Decided To Train Her Cow To “Jump Like A Horse”. The Result? You Won’t Be Expecting THIS!


Regina Mayer, a 15 year old teenager from Laufen, Germany always wanted a horse. But despite her requests to get one, Regina’s parents didn’t agree with it. Instead of a horse, they bought her a cow. That is when Regina came up with an astonishing yet brilliant alternative; she decided to train a cow. But the result of it is unbelievable!

Regina and Luna the cow has been friends for 2 years now, and their relationship is very precious. Regina has been training Luna to “Jump like a horse” since she took her in the barn. Everyone thought Regina was crazy to think of training a cow like a horse. But after seeing the result, they truly respect her. Now Regina and Luna’s activities include extensive routine of grooming, petting and riding practices!

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