See this baby polar bear grow up in under 2 minutes


Pregnancy, the female polar bear duration 6 – 7 months old (230-250 days). After this period the light there are little cubs. The number of cubs in one pregnancy from one to three, but most often there are two. The cubs are born blind, without six and hear nothing, and as defenseless as the rest of the bears.

At birth, they have an average weight of about 500-750 g. milk polar bear-the fattest compared to other types of bears and it is also much richer in nutrients than milk from other carnivorous animals. Young cubs do not need to drink a lot of milk, because it is very rich in fats and nutrients. Bear cubs are growing and developing rapidly.

A month after the birth of the cubs begin to see the world around them, two months later, their weight reaches 10 kg, and they begin to cut teeth, and by this time the cubs are already beginning to come out of the den and the mother gradually teaches them to the cold, wind and light. And a month later-the other family completely leaves the den and goes to the ice.