Scientist spots rare creature that was first discovered 20 years ago. These photos are incredible


Ili Pika — who is she? Ecologists for the first time in decades, failed to notice one of the most secretive creatures on the planet — the ili pika. This mammal of the order of lagomorphs living only in China and is even more rare than the Panda.

Pikas — small, resembling hamsters animals. These close relatives of birds have short legs, rounded ears and tiny tails. Scientists have identified dozens of species of Pikas living in different corners of our planet. Ili Pika lives in the mountainous regions of China at elevations from 2800 to 4100 meters.

Chinese environmentalist Li Weidong first noticed the Ili Pika in 1983. He described it as the 20-inch animal with long ears and small brown spots on the gray fur cover. After retirement, Li Weidong all his spare time was devoted to trying a new meeting with the mysterious animal.