Rescuers Spot Baby Foal In A Panic Get Closer And Immediately Jump To Action Realizing Momma Horse In Trouble


When the animal rights group known as the RSPCA received an urgent phone call about a wild horse in danger, they immediately rushed to offer their assistance. When they arrived at the scene, they were immediately taken aback by the heartbreaking sight before them. The poor momma horse had her foot entangled in her mane, and her little baby foal was helplessly pacing back and forth desperate to see mom freed.

As soon as the rescuers spotted her, they knew she was in trouble. No matter how hard she tried, the poor momma horse couldn’t get her foot out of her mane. Her frantic baby refused to leave her side, terrified to see mom in such a predicament. While the wild foal is clearly frightened by the humans, it doesn’t stray far – anxiously watching as the rescuer attempts to free mom’s hoof from the tangled mane.

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