Rescued Giraffe Befriends The Most Unlikely Animal At The Sanctuary. Just Wait To See Who It Is


These are two inseparable friends though they are so different. The giraffe is long and shy, while the elephant is noisy and stubby. The elephant follows his big gangly friend everywhere. Humans called them Kiko and Loboito. They are both kept in the orphanage in Nairobi National Park because their mothers were killed by the poachers and babies stayed without families. The attachment of a little elephant to his tall friend is so funny.
They would not be able to survive on their own so they were lucky to be found by kind humans who brought them to the orphanage. Their dependence upon mother’s milk makes such babies very vulnerable. Soon the keeper will need a ladder to feed the giraffe.
This video shows that differences are not in the way of friendship. We watch them together and this makes our hearts warm.