Rescue Zebra Shares Incredible Bond With New Herd


Jen and Tray Federichi used to farm cattle for a living.

Although they were animal lovers, the couple had grown up around the ranching industry and were familiar with the scene. Later, as they grew older, they questioned their beliefs.

At one point, the couple had a powerful epiphany that made them change their ways: “In our head, we had rationalized that if we are going to consume meat, it must be our own. We made the decision to take an older cow to be slaughtered. That was the turning point in our lives.”

Seeing the brutality of the beef industry led them to convert their ranch into The Surf and Turf Sanctuary.

Instead of farming cattle, the couple now provides a home for unwanted and mistreated animals. They have a number of cows, goats, dogs, and cats— and a zebra named Mystery.

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