Rare Baby White Giraffe And Its Mom Spotted In Kenya


Typical characteristic of giraffe is its spotted pattern. We can’t even imagine that this animal can have some other coloring. However, the giraffes, which were discovered in Kenya not long ago, proves that giraffe of other color can be beautiful as well. A striking footage shows the giraffe without spotted pattern. The video was taken by the team that is working for Hirola Conservation Program in Kenya. They, actually, saw even two giraffes: a mother and her son that were entirely white. Giraffes were totally unafraid of humans and just continued do what they did before people appeared. These rare animals were absolutely beautiful! Some called them albino giraffes but these giraffes have different condition that is related to albinism only. This is leucism. Albino animals and humans are not able to produce pigment in any way that gives color to eyes and hair. As for the animals with leucism, they can produce this pigment, so their eyes can be black, as in the case with these giraffes.