Rare Baby Deer Was Rejected At Birth


Most people are familiar with the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling. It’s the story about a baby goose who is rejected by his mother because he looked different from his brothers and sisters. Though he gets a happy ending, as he ends up finding his family–not every animal gets so lucky.

The sad truth is that this does happen in the wild. Some animals will abandon their children if they are born weaker or different than they are supposed to be. Imagine if this was implemented in the human world?

However for one deer fawn named Dragon, who was born with a white face, happiness was in his future. He was rescued from his sad circumstances and found a loving home at an animal farm after being cast off by his mother.

Dragon was most likely abandoned because he was born with white fur and a pink nose, which is very rare and would make it difficult for him to survive in the wild. But just take a look at him now.

1. Dragon was born at Deer Tracks Junction, a working farm that also allows visitors to view and take photos of the different animals. Visitors are even allowed to interact with them at the Hands-on Farm.

2. After his mother abandoned him at birth, farm owners Hilary and Kelly Powell took the fawn under their wing and saved him from what he would have faced in the wild.

3. When Dragon’s mother gave birth to twins, he was born with a condition that causes lack of pigment.

4. The condition caused Dragon to be born with white fur, blue eyes, and other health defects that would have made it difficult for him to survive

Sourse: providr.com