Pregnant Elephant Gives Birth And Her Friends Gather Round To Help Out


Elephants are known for their intelligence. They are very smart animals who establish bonds in the society. We see their social connections almost in every video. A herd of elephants create a complex little society where its members care for each other. They live in a herd and are very supportive. When Emily gives birth to her baby, the whole herd runs to help her. This is so wonderful!
This video was taken at the Trust’s Nairobi Park Elephant Nursery.
The caretakers at the Wildlife Trust posted a video at their website and wrote, “The event was filled with trumpets and rumbles of joy from Emily’s satellite herd of ex-orphans who had accompanied her back, all of whom were eager to gently help get the new precious bundle to its feet, nudging it gently, and using their trunks to lift the baby.”