Poor Bear Was Caged For 30 Yrs. But When She Is Rescued, Watch Her Unreal Transformation!


Fifi is a Syrian brown bear, the first 10 years she lived in a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania in a fairly small cage, then the zoo was closed and she and three other bear for more than 20 years remained in the same cells without walking, not to mention swimming in the pool.

Last summer, the owner of Fifi finally decided to give bears. As soon as the PETA employees were notified they arrived. What they found was heartbreaking. Over three decades spent in captivity Fifi had a terrible look, she was so thin that the skin hung in places just a skeleton, her eyes were sunken, and look lost.

Rescuers discovered she had launched the arthritis in his back legs, and yet she and the other bears have also been seen rocking back and forth that animals use to cope with stress.