Poor Baby Elephant Was STRANDED In The Woods. Now Look Closely At These Humans! OMG!


To help the animal caught in a trap, came by the locals. Elephant fell into a mud pit in the forest, adult elephants could not get a cub, but, fortunately, to help the animals came local huntsman.

They used special equipment to pave the way for the little elephant to freedom. The whole operation to rescue the animal were videotaped. Unusual incident occurred on Thursday, November 23, in the forest near the city of Arulananda in the state of Kerala in southwest India. The video shows that the elephant can not get out of the pit.

The huntsmen drove a crawler excavator in order to dig a way for the animal. At this time, there are several adult elephants nearby. At least thirty people were present during the rescue. When the elephant is selected from the trap, forest giants break and run towards the cub.