Panda baby hangs on door


Panda cub enjoys riding on the door. In this video Panda puzzle the next nanny in just half a minute. Now a well-fed predator is interested in the door – because pandas need very little for fun. The door is a great toy, it can open and close, and sometimes pass through the bustling bipeds.

As always, the caretaker in the blue Cape plans to stop entertainment and return the pupil to a measured life. But we know that the Panda will be back! Panda is a species of mammals from the bear family, which have a very peculiar color of black and white. Pandas even have some raccoon traits! Most pandas live in mountainous regions of Central China. Pandas left not so much, so they are listed in the Red book.

In natural conditions, according to new data, there are only 1600 animals and the same number is in zoos. Pandas are very peaceful animals that never attack humans. In pursuit of their benefits, people gradually exterminated this species of bears for their valuable skins, or cut down bamboo forests, which means that poor pandas had nothing to eat.