Nothing has made me smile as much as this baby elephant taking a bath


In the summer heat it’s so nice to splash in the water! And not only us. For animals it is also a great pleasure, which proves our next little hero. The other day, the Internet flew funny video in which a little elephant merrily splashing in the children’s inflatable pool-just like a child!

This kid’s only two months old, his name is Ellie, and he lives with his mom at the American Dallas zoo. It’s his first swim in the water – and even though the African cub sees her for the first time in such a large tank, he’s clearly happy.

The baby elephant was born in may of this year. Its birth weight was almost 80 kilograms, which is not much for the African elephant: newborns often weigh from 100 to 150 kilograms. Ellie’s mom was evacuated from drought-stricken Swaziland a few months earlier. Recall that cows have babies 22 months.