Navy Confused By Large Mass In Ocean Instantly Jump Overboard


Being out at sea, nobody can predict what you will see the next moment. This is the place where you can’t control things. All remember the stories of sailors about the seeing mermaids. Who knows what it actually was. People tend to exaggerate things when they are scared. These days similar situations also occur. Naval team from Sri Lanka was also surprised to see something mysterious in the ocean. It was some large mass on the surface of water and they could not understand what it was.
Sri Lanka as any place in the world has its highlights, which include seas, beaches and elephants. Despite that it was rather shocking to see an elephant so far from the shore in the ocean. When they recognized the giant they immediately rushed to help him. Elephants swim well but they are not able to cover big distances and are tired fast. It was a very serious rescue mission because this animal has a gigantic body. But they succeeded and the elephant was luckily saved.