When The Music Came On, I Had No Idea What These Big Fellas Had In Store For Me! Marvelous!


Christmas is a fun holiday that is waiting for almost all people. The most favourite and long-awaited holidays is, of course, Christmas and New year. Days associated with magic and a little bit of childhood.

Really fun this time is not all: for our little brothers winter celebrations associated with serious stress and pose many dangers. And waiting is this a human feast our Pets? Probably not. For animals dressed Christmas tree in the house becomes a complete surprise, which is sure to bite, to blame, to hide in it and play with it in all possible ways. Human holiday becomes a holiday for Pets.

Tigers and lions are happy to meet this holiday. They expect gifts, playing with the tree, and be sure to break all the boxes that they come across. And at least on this day, their mood will be a little better.