Moose Falls Through Ice And Starts Drowning, But Watch What This Brave Woman Does…


The moose fell through the ice and nearly drowned in Sweden. Thanks to the local couple who opened the axe track to the shore, he was able to escape from captivity. A woman and two men are skating on the frozen lake and suddenly near the shore you see a moose fell through the ice and can’t get out.

A woman with an axe begins to break through “track” to the shore, to the animal it was easier to get out on the land. Then the man, filmed them on camera, starts to publish strange sounds to attract the attention of the moose, but he by that time was so tired that decides to lie down on the ice and some rest.

All ends happily: elk with difficulty, but still selected on the beach and goes out into the woods, and his rescuers with a smile and escorted his gaze.