Mommy raccoon appeared with only 2 babies about a week earlier, and now there’s 4


This incredible story took place in a small town. To the boy named Erin whose home was on the outskirts, began to drop in to visit the blind raccoon. He came every day between the hours of 6 am to 9 am and Erin fed him Breakfast. Then, the animal could come back to lunch or in the evening. “His eyes were always bright green.

He was blind and very afraid of high grass, snow, wind and birds.”says Erin. Perhaps it would have remained a story about a blind raccoon and a guy who fed, to help the animal to survive. But, 5 years later, it happened. Raccoon brought his own kids.

The kittens quickly realized what was happening and began to come along with a raccoon every day. I think it was a mutually beneficial exchange: the kittens helped the raccoons to move and to feel safe, and he led them to a kind person with a food source.