Mom Starts Filming Her Pet Pig At The Beach, But Watch What Happens When He Spots The Ocean


Ziggy just travels a lot. The owners decided not to leave her at home, but they could not refuse to travel. When in November 2010 Christine Hartness and J. Jonz realized his dream and acquired minipig Siggy, nothing boded trouble. Because the weight of these animals does not exceed 11 pounds. But soon, Siggy easily crossed that mark and the faster it grew, except that his love to the owners and to the community. Of course!

After all, it was about the Virgin Islands. Who would refuse the trip to the Caribbean? The caring owner walked Ziggy on the beach twice a day, no matter how busy she was. Pretty quickly the weight of the pigs reached 113 kg and she became the mascot of the island of St. John! People sailed on the ferry only to look at the “minipig” on a leash and treat him with something tasty.