Mom Lioness Just Have Birth To Cute Lion Cub And Then This Man Tries To Pick The Little Cub Up


In 2012, Valentin Grüner saved from the death of the cub and raised him in a wildlife Park in Botswana. This was the beginning of an unusual friendship. Now every time you meet repeats the same scene.

Lioness has grown considerably, but every time Gruner opens the cage, she runs towards him and hugs him happily with their paws. And recently, she had the cubs. But the friendship with the person has not suffered from this. She trusts the person.

After Sigra killed his first victim in the hunt, Gruner had doubts, if it is safe for him to continue communication with the lioness. But she did admit it to yourself. If the lion does not kill its victim immediately, he does it himself, so the animals didn’t suffer.