Mom Horse Gives Birth to Rare Twin Foals. 4 Days Later, Captured Footage is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away


When this Belgian draft gave birth to her two lovely twin foals named Lisa and Fien, it made news that spread everywhere within a short time. In the clip below, we see the twin foals as they play around in the presence of their mother horse in the field. What a way of strengthening the family bond!

One thing I must admit is that the horses are one of the big animals that are very kind and gentle in that even children can dominate them easily as seen in the clip. The foals in the video are very much lucky to have a loving mother horse and a little human friend to give them all the love they need. Even though the small girl is of the size of the head of mother horse, she has the guts to get closer to this horse family, and the best thing is that the horses are never worried of that.

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