Meowing cheetahs


On the video were probably filmed during the Safari, brought by people cheetahs sitting near the car, meowing and hum at the camera. “I didn’t know that the cheetahs know how to meow. All the time thought they were growling.

My whole life was a lie,” said the author of the video. In the comments under the video users supported and admitted that he did not even know about the ability of a Cheetah meow. “It’s their game to lure you out to dinner with charm,” suggested one of them. The cutest animals ever I’ve seen.

The Cheetah differs from most cats in a number of ways, and these differences are quite significant. In appearance and anatomical structure of the body of the Cheetah is similar to a Greyhound dog than a cat, as perfectly suited to fast running. Also cheetahs sitting like dogs, not like cats. They are hunted like dogs and even sick dog diseases. The coat of the Cheetah is similar with wool smooth-haired dogs