Meet The Bear Who Has Figured Out How To Hitchhike Successfully


At first glance, you might think this pic of a bear chilling out in the bed of a truck is Photoshopped or from a movie — but for the people who live near the La Encantada Mine in Coahuila (one of the states in Mexico), it’s the most normal thing in the world.

In this mining region, in the north of Coahuila, it’s apparently very common to see this little bear looking for food and hanging out near humans.

In fact, he’s apparently so used to it that he already knows how to hitch a ride to get around the area more easily.

According to various local residents, it’s common to see him hanging out by the highway, where he’ll wait for a car to stop. Then he’ll get in the back and be taken to the town of Ocampo or to go back to the mines.

And it turns out that this lil guy has spent years cohabitating with the miners in the area.

To the locals, he’s known as “the bear of La Encantada,” because it’s common to see him near the mine.

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