Man Visits Wild Gorillas He Raised As Babies, But Watch As He Introduces His Wife For 1st Time


Elegant British millionaire known as the founder of the Foundation, employees who save and care for animals. Two owned by the Fund zoos breed rare and endangered animals, then to restore their population in the wild.

And one of the Central projects of this organization devoted to gorillas. People from the Fund Espinal save orphaned cubs of gorillas in Africa, give the poor house and an orphanage and later produce grown primates in the reserve of Gabon. Damian himself did not scruple personally to work side by side with other volunteers. The two gorillas from this video, Dialto and Ayma, the man rescued. The millionaire took care of animals until they are under the age of 12 years, after which the monkeys were released.

But then Damian has not forgotten about them, and from time to time went to check in on them. And recently a man even introduced one of the former wards with his wife